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                 You are planning to build a domed house?
WERSO skylights and roof windows can help You!
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             WERSO skylights and roof windows
WERSO is a Russian manufacturer of roof windows that specializes in the production of skylights for domed houses.
There are two types of spherical house: a geodesic dome and a stratodesic dome. When building domed houses, the nuances of their design are considered: for example, we offer triangular windows for houses of the “geodesic dome” type, and trapezoidal windows for houses of the “stratodesic dome” type.
WERSO offers two types of skylights for domed houses: openable and fixed. Openable windows can be with a manual or electric opening mechanism.
For more comfortable use, geodesic dome windows with an electric (remote) opening system can be equipped with wind, smoke and rain sensors. The smart  roof window will open or close itself if necessary.
         With WERSO you can realize your brightest ideas!
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            WERSO Skylights for domed houses
WERSO skylights for domed houses have a full-fledged flashing, which allows the window to be fully integrated into the roof and prevents leaks.

Openable windows (both with manual and electric opening systems) are equipped with a double sealing circuit and have a rebate along the entire perimeter. This reduces heat loss in winter and makes the use of the window more comfortable.The windows are made of laminated veneer lumber, treated with a primer impregnation with antiseptic properties and covered with 3 layers of durable varnish.


In the basic configuration, the skylight has a single-chamber energy-saving double-glazed unit with a tempered outer glass, a low-emission coating and injected argon. A double-glazed window can be supplemented with a triplex system and / or be two-chamber.


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